Google Cloud Storage Strategy using Cloud Hero as Disaster Recovery

Google Cloud Storage is a normal fit for Disaster recovery. It could also be the most prominent use case for cloud storage because the storage is offsite and faster than tape or other options.

Step 1 Find a Cloud Storage Provider
Many will pick either Amazon S3 or Rack Space Cloud Files. These two are the biggest 2 cloud storage service providers.

However, we observe many other choices which started this year. For example, Windows Azure started in January. Google Storage announced around May. EMC World introduced the EMC Atmos.

This article discusses in more details on how to pick a cloud storage service.

Step 2 Organize Storage Tiers
You may need to categorize your internal data first. Such as the data on this server is more essential, the folders with these names are important and so on.

Step 3 Find the Cloud Access Solution
If you have a backup solution already, like as Symantec Backup Exec, or Comm Vault Simpana, these solutions may have partnered with cloud storage vendors to give you both the backup answer and the cloud storage solution.

If you just have the local backup solution and need a system put in place to save the output of the backup to the cloud, you can find a solution at Cloud Hero ( For example, you can use Cloud Hero to attach cloud storage to file server and backup the network shared files and folders with a click of a mouse.

Step 4 Find a Backup Cloud Storage Provider

Just like you dont put all your eggs in one basket, you may need to do your local backup and use Cloud Hero to backup data to Google Storage putting the most significant data on two different places locally and in the cloud.

Step 5 Restore & Recovery Rehearsal
Periodically you will need to check the backup dataset and complete some selective recovery to make sure you can get your records back when needed. This should be a normal systematic procedure. If your local media does not recover data the Google Cloud version will always be there providing Cloud Hero S2-way sync is in place and set up.

Operating a small or medium-sized business in California requires the business owner to wear a lot of different hats. In addition to the core business, there are bookkeeping, payroll, sales tax, payroll tax, financial planning and budgeting, and more essential tasks than can be listed. All of these take time and cost money as it takes the business owner and employees away from building the core business and servicing clients. Though many small and medium-sized businesses do not have the budget for a full-time accounting staff, they do have the same needs as the large corporations they compete with. Fortunately, outsourcing these tasks to a San Jose CPA and accountants has never been easier or more economical.

Businesses can choose from an “ala carte” menu of monthly accounting, finance, and HR services depending on their specific needs. Among the services that can be contracted include:

*Set up and configuration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
*Accounts receivables and payables
*Billing and collections
*Month end close
*Banking and cash application
*Management reporting
*Employee 401K and benefits preparation
*Executive financial management

The latest technologies in cloud computing allow for personalized applications that are instantly and securely accessible from anywhere there is an Internet connection and a simple web browser. It is the next best thing to have an in-house accounting department with seamless access. Cloud computing saves money as it improves operations to allow information to be processed and delivered in real time without the need for added IT infrastructure, support, and maintenance. Application upgrades are done at no cost by cloud vendors, unlike on-premise software upgrades for increased efficiency and lower operating costs. Most clients of outsourced San Jose accountants save between 15 and 30 percent of their back office costs as they enjoy an improved level of support and service.

San Jose CPA and consulting services specialize in the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and the challenges they face in today’s competitive market. Flexible service platforms provided by cloud computing applications can be quickly scaled and individualized to serve the needs of growing companies quickly and efficiently. When the many hidden costs of on-premise software and hardware are illuminated, cloud computing almost always comes out as the most economical choice. Additionally, once cloud computing and best practices processes have been put into place, work processes can be easily transferred in-house when the company grows to the point to make this desirable.

When you are ready to streamline your small or medium-sized business to make it more efficient and profitable, take advantage of the services of San Jose consulting and CPA services to move into the cloud.

Manage Your Files Smartly
The internet file server gives you the power to access, share and manage your files from anywhere on this world you happen to be! With the online file server in hand, you can stay protected from investing large amounts on expensive technologies and IT staff and operations management. This simple yet affordable technology simplifies the storage and management of all content whether it is a document, an image or an audio/video files, You can access them anywhere, anytime from your laptop, smart phone, Tablet, Internet caf, or any other web enabled device!

What Does A Hybrid Cloud Server Exactly Do?
In simple words, the cloud file server can be viewed as the ultimate storage solution for every business regardless of its size! It delivers one secure, convenient, quick, reliable and of course affordable storage solution by addressing the three major business needs; online file storage, file sharing and collaboration, and computer backup.
The cloud file server creates and organizes numerous layers of folders for all the content above one or many storage clouds and information silos.
You can easily store and instantly view the stored documents, videos,, PDFs, images and much more.
Because of the cross cloud in-built search engine in the web file server, you can easily and quickly find any file. You can further view and share them as well from your smart phone or the mobile device.
You can assign a backup to a primary cloud and keep your data backed up in another cloud for peace of mind and security.

Is The Online File Server Safe?
Security is always of paramount concern in the Cloud and it is the one thing most users bring up as being concerned about. The SaaS storage cloud and on-premise are designed to be used over HTTPS (SSL) for encrypted data traffic from all devices, and also encrypt user passwords. The file information itself can be encrypted using AES 256 bit encryption using public/private key technology in which only the user will now the private key. On top of this the solution is integrated with GEO location software to track all upload and download locations as well as log IP addresses. The, One can easily and securely integrate the business applications with the cloud storage appliances.
The technology”s easy setup and affordability makes the hybrid cloud server the groundbreaking solution for small business data access.

The cloud system is acquiring greater prominence in these days of increased internet usage. The cloud system stands for a system where the cloud resources hosted by a provider and are granted with an access to the users on their demand. The users will be required to pay the amount based on their usage. This would free the users from installing the huge equipment and maintaining them.

Types of Cloud Systems

The cloud systems are further classified into four types based on the management and ownership. They are
1.Public cloud systems
2.Cloud system community
3.Private cloud systems
4.Hybrid or customized cloud system

Public Cloud Infrastructure is the widely used model when compared to the rest. This holds the major share in the cloud systems market.

About Public Cloud System

Under this system, the servers and resources are usually owned by a third party vendor. He would grant access to any number of customers by charging certain amount as fee. The vendor provides the service to the customers remotely. The access would be granted to the customers through secured user ids and passwords. The vendor invests huge amounts on the infrastructure and continues to spend huge amounts on the operations. He would charge certain amount as the fee from the customers

Often some vendors would not prefer to charge anything from the customers. They offer the service for free of cost. They gain the revenues through the advertisements.

What is Public Cloud Infrastructure?

Again in the Public cloud system, there exist some architecture. In architecture, the vendor would install applications in the computers of the users. This would appear to be a horizontal cloud system. In the other modes, there would a central server accessed by multiple users. Each of the architecture has its own advantages.

The Cloud Computing Architecture could be further modified in such a way that it meets the requirement of the clients. This was mostly seen in the hybrid mode of cloud systems.

The Cloud Computing Architecture is very important to deal with. If a company has number of branches, it should choose such architecture that all its branches could use the application simultaneously and all the data is centrally saved.

Advantages to the business groups

The technology has fetched many advantages to the business groups. The entrance of the technology has brought up a tremendous change in the business procedures. The Cloud technology has further simplified the business procedures. So, without any real time storage in the system too, the users can access the information remotely through the internet connection. So, there was no possibility of loss of data for the customers. Further the data would get stored in a central server.

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